"I just fell in love with this place. Everyone is extremely helpful and pleasent. A big special Thank You to Ms. Marjorie and Ms. Kathleen. They provided me the services I was looking for and the references and recourses I needed. They also do follow up calls, which is also plus. Thanks again!"

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"The staff here are amazing and truly care about the women who come into their facility. The atmosphere was very loving and kind. I'm so grateful for these women!"

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"I loved my appointment with these ladys! They were very supportive and gave us alot of information seeing as i was going to be a first time mommy. They are very sweet and want to make sure you have everything and know everything you need before you leave."
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Our patient *Colleen came to visit us with her 5 month old baby... when she came to us initially she was homeless, had just gotten out of jail on a drug charge and now look at her!! She lives in an apartment, joined a church, has a vehicle and an income.
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"I cannot say enough great things about Options for Women. I've been seen at their Bartow location and they are by far the most kind, compassionate and caring people I've ever met. Jill follows up with me every few weeks to see how baby and I are doing. She's assisted me in a job search and other resources in the community as my husband and I just moved here from Michigan. Viviana the nurse is very thorough, kind and knowledgable. They were able to answer many of my questions or concerns. Being so far away from family I was scared being here and being pregnant with my first. They've become like family to me. I'm so so thankful for everything they've done. I just can't think them enough."
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a caring & safe place
for vulnerable women

Katie 'accidentally' pulled into our Options for Women driveway instead of the abortion clinic next door. Our staff was honest in saying this was not the location where her scheduled abortion was. HOWEVER, Katie agreed to stay and have an appointment with our staff. Katie saw her baby on the ultrasound screen and became very much aware that her life just turned around. She began crying and thanking our staff over and over for this second chance. Through the tears of gratitude Katie exclaimed, "I can't believe I just walked to the wrong place and now I have my baby!"
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"I cannot say enough good about the mission, staff, and professionalism of Options for Women! In addition to being a free medical clinic serving women facing unplanned pregnancies, I recently learned that Option for Women offers free Women's Wellness Exams for women 18 years of age or older without Medicaid or health insurance and who have not had a wellness exam within the last year. I have been 8 years without health insurance and consequently it's been 8 years since I have had a wellness exam. I went in for a consultation and received a voucher for a wellness exam which included a pap, lab testing (CMP, Lipid Panel w/LDL/HDL Ratio, and CBC with Differential/Platelet), breast exam, and several other optional services (flu or tetanus shot). From the consultation to the exam and then to the followup of the results - 5 stars! Thank you! Thank you! I now know what areas need a little work such as lowering my non HDL Cholesterol numbers a little! Diet and exercise! The new bicycle for Christmas will help! I can do it and I will! Again, thanks Options for Women for helping me see what areas can use a little help for optimal health and wellness! Thank you!"
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