When we consider serving at Options for Women we might think in terms of having a background in counseling, nursing or perhaps a special gift of some sort.  The truth is, however, that we only need two characteristics:

A love for the Lord Jesus Christ
A willing and joyful heart to serve
That’s it!  From there, we can go anywhere in serving Him.  We can touch hearts with a smile, compassion and a listening ear.  He can work through us to change hearts and save lives if we simply follow His leadership.

If this is you and you are considering where you can serve the Lord, give us a call at 682-5763.  We would love to hear from you!  Click Here to download the volunteer application.


You can also support us through prayer.  Your daily prayers support and encourage us and certainly affect the women we serve and help them choose life.  Here is a prayer for our clinic:

Lord, we thank You for Your grace in allowing Options for Women to help mothers and fathers in our area choose life for their unborn babies.  We ask Your blessings upon all who serve in any way, and especially upon all those who call Options for Women in need of help.  Enlighten the nurses and advocates on how to individually help each woman.  May Your holy will be forever done, and may all we do give You glory. Amen