Pray for the women contemplating abortion – that they may find Options for Women, and that their hearts will be moved to accept and cherish the life within them. Perhaps the most important way you can support us is by simply doing what you do best – sharing the love of the Lord. We know the Lord listens to our prayers, and mountains can be moved when we fall to our knees.


Come take a tour of our clinic. We feel it is important for those in our community to see firsthand the excellent facilities and incredibly talented staff we have. We are also opening our tours to Youth Groups, their leaders and their parents to educate them with the truth instead of what is being fed to them from a secular stance.


Will you open your doors to the women we serve? We know many of the women who come to us have fallen away from the Lord, or have not yet had an encounter with Him. Your church can provide the foundation she needs to fulfill God’s plan for her life. Your church can provide a loving spiritual home for the women we serve. We ask our church partners to help us by having contact people from the church reach out to patients who are open and ready to enter into a deeper relationship with the Lord.


A few opportunities to give are through a one-time donation, through our Life Choice Society, or to Host a Baby Bottle Campaign. 

Hosting a Baby Bottle Campaign is an excellent way for individuals to become aware of Options for Women Pregnancy Help Clinic and get involved in helping save lives in our community.