The work we do to transform a woman’s fear of an unplanned pregnancy into confidence for the future is important, but we cannot do it alone. We know that Christ is the giver of life, and through our relationship with Him, our lives are redeemed and our path is clear. Your church can provide the crucial role of sharing this faith, hope and love for the women and men we serve by providing a firm foundation.

A person in the role of “Church Care Team” would:

  • Call the patient to meet outside of church for the first contact.
  • Invite the patient to church and assist with transportation if needed.
  • Meet the patient at the first service or meeting she attends, and help make introductions to others.
  • If the patient has children, assist with taking them to children’s programs and getting them acquainted with other children.
  • Help the woman find a small group, woman’s group, mother’s group, or other ministry within the church to help her grow in her faith. (And for the father, if applicable.)
  • Host a baby shower, if needed, to provide needed supplies for the family.